The video is a tutorial on how to make money through Pinterest affiliate marketing, even for beginners with no followers. The presenter claims to have made $116,000 in a month using this strategy and aims to share a unique method not publicly discussed before. The process begins with optimizing a Pinterest account by including relevant keywords in the profile name and bio to attract the target audience. The next step is to create a compelling profile picture or logo, which can be done for free using Canva.

The tutorial then advises finding an affiliate offer to promote, suggesting the use of Google to search for affiliate programs related to the chosen niche. Once an offer is selected, the next step is to create a search-optimized blog post. The presenter recommends using AI tools to write SEO-optimized articles, which can then be shared on for free. This helps in driving traffic from both Medium and Google search.

After publishing the article on Medium, the next step is to create a pin on Pinterest using Canva, linking back to the Medium article. The pin should include a title and a description that matches the content of the article. The presenter emphasizes the importance of integrating affiliate links naturally within the article and using a clear call to action.

To boost the Pinterest account, especially for new accounts with no followers, the presenter suggests using shout-out promotions from established Pinterest accounts with large followings. This can help in driving targeted traffic to one's Pinterest page.

The video concludes by mentioning that while the strategy is simple, it requires time, effort, and hard work to grow the Pinterest account and start earning passive income. Additionally, the presenter briefly touches on the concept of faceless YouTube automation as another way to drive traffic and earn ad revenue, offering a free training program in the video description.

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimize your Pinterest account with relevant keywords in your profile to attract your target audience.
  • Create a professional profile picture or logo using free tools like Canva.
  • Find affiliate offers by searching Google for affiliate programs in your niche.
  • Write search-optimized blog posts using AI tools to save time and ensure SEO quality.
  • Share your articles on to leverage its traffic and high Google search ranking.
  • Create pins on Pinterest that link back to your medium articles, ensuring the pin's title and description match the article's content.
  • Integrate affiliate links naturally within your articles with a clear call to action.
  • Consider using shout-out promotions from established Pinterest accounts to boost traffic to your page.
  • Be prepared to invest time and effort into growing your Pinterest account for it to become a source of passive income.
  • Explore faceless YouTube automation as an additional method to drive traffic and earn ad revenue, with a free training program available in the video description. Here is the full video link:

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