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The video is an enthusiastic unboxing, review, and tutorial of Chatbooks, a service that allows users to create photo books from the images on their phones. The creator of the video, who is not sponsored by Chatbooks, shares her personal experience with the service, which she discovered after her dog passed away and she wanted to consolidate her memories into a photo book. She explains the process of creating the books, including selecting the size, adding photos in chronological order, and choosing between different cover options.

She has created a yearbook for each year starting from 2018 and plans to continue doing so annually. The video shows the different spine color options (Navy, gray, and white) and the choice between hardcover and softcover. The creator emphasizes the quality of the books, the ease of use of the app, and the fast delivery time.

She also provides tips for creating the photo books, such as using an external app called Photo Grid for better collage layouts and not worrying too much about low-resolution warnings, as the print quality is generally satisfactory. She praises Chatbooks' customer service for their responsiveness and willingness to replace a damaged book at no extra cost.

The creator discusses the pricing of the books, suggesting that Chatbooks is one of the more affordable options compared to competitors. She advises waiting for sales or looking for promo codes to get the best deals. Finally, she walks through the process of creating a book using the Chatbooks app and mentions that the service also creates a mini movie slideshow of the photos in the book.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chatbooks is a service that turns phone photos into photo books, with options for monthly subscriptions or individual photo books.
  • The app allows users to select the size of the book, add photos in chronological order, and choose between hardcover and softcover, as well as spine colors.
  • The creator recommends using an external app called Photo Grid for better collage layouts in the photo books.
  • Despite warnings about low-resolution photos, the printed quality is usually acceptable.
  • Chatbooks offers excellent customer service, including free replacements for damaged books.
  • The pricing for Chatbooks is competitive, with the creator noting that it's one of the cheapest options she found. The base price for an 8x8 hardcover starts at $30 for 30 pages, with each additional page costing $0.60.
  • It's beneficial to wait for sales or use promo codes to save money on orders.
  • Chatbooks also creates a mini movie slideshow of up to 90 photos from the book, which can be shared digitally.
  • The creator suggests the idea of having friends sign the yearbook, reminiscent of school yearbooks, as a personal touch.
- **Chatbooks offers an easy way to create photo books** from your phone's images.
- **The app is user-friendly**, with options for book size, cover type, and spine color.
- **Photo Grid app can enhance collages** within the photo books for a better layout.
- **Print quality is generally good**, even for photos flagged as low resolution.
- **Customer service is responsive and accommodating**, offering free replacements for issues.
- **Chatbooks is affordable**, with competitive pricing and additional savings through sales and promo codes.
- **A mini movie slideshow is provided** with each photo book order.
- **Personal touches like having friends sign the book** can add sentimental value.
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