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As a concerned dog owner, you want what's best for your furry friend. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right chewable hemp dog treats. To help make your decision easier, we've compiled a list of top chewable hemp dog treats for 2023.

What are hemp dog treats and what are their benefits?

Hemp dog treats are a natural, nutrient-dense treat for your four-legged friend. Nutrient-packed hemp seed oil and hemp flour are used as the base ingredient in these tasty snacks to help boost their health and well-being. Hemp has long been known for its beneficial properties, containing an optimal balance of essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, proteins and fiber. These treats are nutrient-rich and possess an array of health benefits that aid digestion, support heart health, reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility, maintain healthy skin and coat and more. Hemp dog treats make it easy to give your pup a nutritious snack that can help them stay healthy into their senior years.

Dog grooming can be trickey!

Grooming can be a tricky process for dog owners, particularly when their pup is scared or anxious. If your dog is fearful when it comes to being groomed, one thing you could try are dog treats made with natural hemp oil. Hemp has numerous benefits due to its concentrations of CBD which can help reduce dog anxiety, allowing for a much more comfortable grooming experience for both pup and owner. Hemp dog treats are readily available at local pet shops or online so act now and see if these delicious snacks can make all the difference in tackling any dog anxiety issues.

Our top picks for the best hemp dog treats of 2023

This year, we have seen a huge increase in the demand for hemp dog treats that are healthy and delicious. To help you make the best decision for your beloved pet, we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best hemp dog treats of 2023. Our selection includes treats made from 100% natural ingredients and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, guaranteeing that your pup gets all the good nutrients it needs. With no preservatives or artificial flavors, these treats are the perfect treat for any pooch, offering great flavors without compromising on health. Our top picks provide peace of mind knowing that your four-legged loved one can enjoy a tasty snack without having to worry about its side effects.

How to choose the right hemp dog treat for your pup

Choosing the right hemp dog treat for your pup can be a daunting task. It's important to consider what kind of benefits you'd like your pup to gain from the treats, and also if they are providing any potential risk. Researching reputable brands and ingredients should give you a good idea of what kind of treats would best suit your furry friend.

It's worth asking for advice from a veterinary professional or researching online to understand the differences between different natural ingredient combinations and their specific properties - this will likely make choosing the most suitable treats easier.

FAQs about hemp dog treats

Hemp dog treats are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners looking for an all-natural and healthful source of nutrition to supplement their pup's diet. Hemp is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber that can help promote better joint & skin health, as well as overall well-being.

While there are many benefits associated with hemp-based treats, some pet owners may have reservations due to concerns surrounding the various components and applications associated with hemp. To ensure safety and satisfaction when selecting hemp products for your furry family member, it’s important to make sure the ingredients in the treat are from high-quality sources – confirm that the company you’re dealing with is transparent about their practices and supplies detailed information about how their product was created. Additionally, ask for recommendations from vet professionals or other pet owners who ranked certain brands favorably.

Hemp dog treats can offer a host of benefits for your pup, from relieving anxiety to aiding in digestion. When choosing the best hemp dog treat for your pet, it's important to keep their individual needs in mind. There are a variety of hemp dog treats available on the market today, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase. Our top picks for the best hemp dog treats of 2023 should help you get started on your search for the perfect product. Still have questions about hemp dog treats? Check out our FAQs section for more information.

What is the difference between hemp dog treats and CBD dog treats?

As a concerned dog owner, understanding the difference between Hemp dog treats and CBD dog treats can help in alleviating dog anxiety. Hemp dog treats contain compounds that are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, however, these compounds are different than what's found in CBD dog treats. While Hemp dog treats include no-to-low amounts of THC, one of the main components of cannabis plants, CBD dog treats are created with therapeutic doses of Cannabidiol (CBD), which is found in hemp plants as well. Knowing this key difference can help you make an informed decision when choosing how to treat your dog's anxiety. CBD will have to be purchased locally if your state is legal and your stores carry CBD pet supplies.

How do we pick the best choices?

We read through thousands of reviews to find the Best Choice for pet parents out there.

We scoured online retailers' websites, as well as customer feedback from across social media platforms to identify which products are the Best Choice.


Hemp Bites

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Are you looking for something to give your pup a calming boost? Look no further than Hemp Bites Peanut Butter Flavored Chew Treats! This delicious treat is packed with natural ingredients, like hemp seed oil and passion flower, that can help your furry friend feel more relaxed and composed. Plus, these tasty treats also contain chamomile, Valerian root, and Magnesium for extra-special support. With Hemp Bites Peanut Butter Flavored Chew Treats from Pet Essentials Plus, you can give your pup a little extra love when they need it most—without adding anything unnecessary. Keep your pup comfortable and serene today with a care package of Hemp Bites chewable treats!

BEST Choice Things To Know

Hemp Bites Peanut Butter Flavored Chew Treats have been a life saver for my dog! He tends to get anxious around loud noises, like storms and fireworks, and gets really jumpy. Hemp Bites are the only chew treats that I've found that help him calm down and relax. The peanut butter flavor makes them an easy sell - he loves them! I'm so relieved knowing that they're also an all-natural snack with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Dog anxiety can be tough to manage, but since we've started using Hemp Bites, things have been going much better.


Organic Hempster

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Introducing the fabulous Organic Hempster – a fantastically beneficial treat for all furry friends! Our 100% Organic Hemp Treats are designed to provide your canine companion with ultimate hip and joint support, helpfully containing glucosamine and turmeric for healthy joints. Whether it’s a teacup Chihuahua or a massive pit bull, our soft chews will keep your four-legged family members content and in control. Not only that but these treats are also great for calming your pet during stressful car trips or thunderstorms.

Plus, with an impressive 220 pieces arrives per bottle, you'll get much more value out of each bag than other similar pet remedies available on the market. Even better, they're made right here in the USA! With the Organic Hempster, your pup can feel relaxed while still getting the essential nutrition they need. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that this treat is sure to put their worries at ease.

BEST Choice Things To Know

As a concerned dog owner, my dog's anxiety has made it hard to find treats he loves and can benefit from. But with Organic Hempster hemp treats, I finally have a natural solution for him that not only tastes great but also helps keep his anxiety in check. Additionally, I am so relieved to know that these treats are containing organic, plant-based ingredients which make them a healthier dietary addition for my dog compared to other commercial products.


Kinpur dog treats

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At Kinpur Pet Care, we believe that every dog deserves the best quality of care. That’s why we created our Calming Chews with Valerian Root and Hemp Oil, a tasty treat specifically designed to help your four-legged friend when they’re in need of a little extra support. Whether your pup is anxious during thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or car rides, our treats can help. These chews not only work to keep your pup relaxed and calm but, due to their hemp oil content, they are also beneficial for your pet’s hip and joint health! Our treats are sure to make every experience more pleasant for both you and your pup. And with an expiration date of 05/21/2023, you can stock up on supplies knowing that you have plenty for all kinds of occasions. At Kinpur Pet Care we take pride in providing solutions that will make all pet owners feel confident and secure in taking the best possible care of their furry friends. Try our delicious calming chews today - you won’t be disappointed!

BEST Choice Things To Know

As a dog owner, I am always looking for ways to take care of my pup’s health and wellbeing. One thing that has recently been on my mind is dog anxiety - luckily, I have found a great solution in the form of Kinpur dog treats! These all-natural treats are designed to promote calmness by using key ingredients like chamomile and lavender. They are made with quality in mind, so I can feel safe knowing that my pet is getting the best care possible. I am so glad that such an innovative product exists so I can keep my dog comforted and safe during times of stress.


Delvix Pet Hemp Treats

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Are you looking for a way to help your pup feel calm, content, and peaceful? Delvix Pet Calming Hemp Treats are the perfect solution. As an experienced dog trainer, I know just how much pet parents want what's best for their furry friends - that's why I recommend these treats! With nutritional ingredients such as hemp seed and flaxseed meal, these treats will provide natural calming nutrients to your pup's diet. Not only do they ease stress-related behaviors like hyperactivity or restlessness, but also provide a general feeling of well-being. And with no wheat or corn in this product, it's easy on dog tummies and will keep them feeling happy and healthy! So what are you waiting for? Get your pup the all-natural calming supplement they need - Delvix Pet Calming Hemp Treats!

BEST Choice Things To Know

As a dog owner, I struggle with finding the right combinations of treats and foods to help my dog stay relaxed. Anytime something changes - like loud noises or even just me coming home from work - he gets so anxious. That's why I'm always on the lookout for ways to help him ease that anxiety naturally, which is why I tried delvix pet hemp treats. After only a few doses, he relaxes almost immediately without any side effects. Now he can get back to his old self while I know that he's getting the natural care he needs.


Furaland Hemp Calming Treats

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Welcome to Furaland's Hemp Calming Teats! Our bacon-flavored treats are made with premium ingredients that are vet-approved and third-party tested for quality. As a professional dog trainer, I understand how important it is to keep our canine companions happy and relaxed. That’s why I choose Furaland’s Hemp Calming Teats for my own pup!

Our calming chews help reduce stress in dogs caused by loud noises, separation anxiety, and more. The hemp in the teats contains powerful terpenes, flavonoids, and omega fatty acids that work together to regulate your furry buddy’s mood. These calming chews also include a blend of passion flower extract, valerian root, chamomile, thiamine (Vitamin B1) and other natural ingredients to promote relaxation.

At Furaland, we believe in using natural ingredients to support your pup’s health and well-being without exposing him/her to unnecessary chemicals or toxins. Our calming teats are vegan for even more peace of mind. For best results, we recommend feeding one treat per day. Don’t forget – you can trust these tasty treats for your pup’s joy and comfort!

BEST Choice Things To Know

As a dog owner, I am always concerned about my dog's well-being and comfort. That's why I love Furaland Hemp Calming Treats! My dog has occasional bouts of anxiety, and I have found that these treats help relax him quickly. They are made with hemp oil, ginger root powder, and other natural ingredients that soothe the nervous system for a calming effect. In fact, I'm often amazed at how relaxed my dog is after just one treat! As a bonus, they taste great too--my dog eagerly gobbles them up every time. Furaland Hemp Calming Treats give me long-lasting peace of mind when it comes to helping my dog cope with his anxiety.


Zesty Paws Calming Treats

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For those dog owners looking to give their pup the best calming treats on the market, Zesty Paws is the perfect solution! Zesty Paws calming treats are specially-developed with a blend of natural ingredients known to have a calming and soothing effect. These delicious bites feature active botanicals, such as ashwagandha and chamomile, which help relax your pet and reduce their anxiety levels. Furthermore, each bite contains organic ingredients like oats and flaxseed that nourish their skin, coat, and internal organs. With gluten-free ingredients, they’re also ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These treats make it easy to keep your pup feeling happy and relaxed in any situation! Trust professional dog trainer Pat Miller when she says she loves Zesty Paws calming treats for her own fur babies – you’ll definitely love how these delicious morsels can help make your pup’s day. Take comfort in knowing you're providing your pup with all-natural goodness when you go with Zesty Paws calming treats!

BEST Choice Things To Know

Having a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but when dog anxiety becomes a problem, it can become difficult to manage. That's why I was so relieved when I discovered Zesty Paws calming treats - they've been a lifesaver when it comes to calming down my dog's anxiety issues. Not only are the bites delicious, but they provide natural and safe ingredients like chamomile, passionflower and lavender that help to reduce dog stress without relying on drugs. Taking care of my dog's mental health is incredibly important, so having this alternative for managing his anxiety is invaluable - and Zesty Paws helps me do it in an easy and effective way.


Is your pup in need of a little TLC? These top chewable hemp dog treats might just be the perfect solution. Made with natural ingredients and containing no THC, these treats are ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes. So why not give them a try today? Your furry friend will thank you for it! If you need to try a CBD treat you need to check local stores if it is legal in your location.

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